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react-native-maps - Detox: Support tap() on Map Markers

Our React Native application relies quite heavily on Google Maps components provided by react-native-maps.

When first starting to cover our map with tests, it all went pretty smoothly, we could make sure the map was visible, great.

However, anything to do with markers on the map started to be a bit of an issue, it’s all explained here:

Calling .tap() on <AIRGoogleMapMarker> element doesn’t tap at the correct x/y coordinate on the screen.

It’s always ending up tapping at the top-left corner of the MapView, even though my marker is aligned at the centre of the MapView.


New Titanium Alloy Boilerplate App: ti-fingerprint-indentity-boilerplate

More and more applications tend to use fingerprint technologies offered by the latest devices and operating systems to perform authentication on mobile applications.

Appcelerator Axway Titanium module to support fingerprint technologies is quite often getting updated and I was keeping a close eye on this while working on a specific project.

One of the main issue I face with Appcelerator Axway Titanium is the amount of scaffolding you sometimes need to go through before producing something quite common in terms of what the market might need.


New Titanium Alloy Widget: Selectable with 'Other' support

A Ti.UI.ListView wrapper with mighty powers for forms in your Appcelerator Axway Titanium Alloy applications.

This is a Widget wrapping some standard components in order to create a re-usable Widget for a single choice selection within a <ListView> element with a support for an “Other” entry.


Sublime Text 3 Package 'sublime-ti-alloy-related' officially released!

I’ve been working on a Sublime Text 3 plugin sublime-ti-alloy-related in order to easily navigate around your Appcelerator Titanium Alloy application source code between the controller, style and view files and it got officially accepted to be part of the non-official (but kind of official) Package Manager for Sublime Text, the great wbond, which probably every single developer using Sublime Text as their IDE uses.


New Titanium Alloy Boilerplate App: ti-drawer-boilerplate

Because it’s quite common having applications using a Drawer Navigation and not that straight forward to have it up and running smoothly for both iOS and Android, I wanted to have something easily re-usable across multiple projects.

Originally we started this based on HazemKhaled’s sample application SideMenu-with-NavigationWindow-for-Titanium.

After playing with it we decided to come up with a simple boilerplate so we could have a working base for both iOS and Android to start developing applications using a drawer menu base navigation.


QA and testing for mobile projects

Why close-to-production data during QA, poor connection testing and good UX feedback are important for a mobile project.


How to retrieve all objects on Parse without API limitation

Parse is great, even if they are planning to shutdown their services in 2017… However, like a lot of other APIs they limit the amount of data you retrieve from them via a single call. The default value is 100 and can be maxed up to 1000 but what if you have 1001+ objects you’d like to retrieve?


Officially a Laravel contributor

🎉 Whoop whoop! One of my pull requests on Laravel just got accepted.

[5.2] Sending to a Specified Address (Global “to”) #8894

I know, it’s not much but it could be quite useful for other developers and it was a good experience to actually develop, test and document the functionality.