🎉 Whoop whoop! One of my pull requests on Laravel just got accepted.

[5.2] Sending to a Specified Address (Global “to”) #8894

I know, it’s not much but it could be quite useful for other developers and it was a good experience to actually develop, test and document the functionality.

Shout out to GrahamCampbell who does a great work reviewing pull requests with taylorotwell.

I’ve been working with other frameworks like Zend 11, Symfony 2, Drupal 7, Magento 1 and others but I have to say Laravel is such a nice piece of software hand-crafted with love, by people who genuinely care, while keeping it simple yet powerful. Its documentation is probably one of the best thing about Laravel hence why I really wanted to document this PR too. Its truly open-source community and the eco-system around it is also a big plus but this is another story.